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ZS-18Y6 18000 Airflow Movable Air Cooler

Volume 18000
Series ZS-18Y6
Power 1.1
Voltage 220/380
Product Details
Product Overview

1."PEGO INTELLIGENT" multi-function control pannel, LCD display and remote control function, 8-speed air volume control provide stable air flow;

2.Increased air volume yet feel soft wind , can feel comfortable wind wherever cool air are blown to, straight air blow distance up to 20 meters;

3.Smart use, easy to remove. Electric swing, multi-angle air deliver;

4.Easy to maintain, the dust-proof net is easy to remove and clean, open the inspection door can view inside, easy to replace parts;

5.With 240L big water tank, can used for more than 8 hours after water tank fully filled;

6.When air cooler in not being used, the upper and lower wind bar can be closed to prevent mosquitoes, dust into the air cooler, keep the air cooler clean;

7.Air cooler suitable places: Injection plants, garment factories, shoe factories, printing plants, rubber plants, tanneries, metal stamping shop, glass factory, electronics factory, food processing plants, and large outdoor exhibitions, seminars, etc.

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Noiseless evaporative air cooler remote control KEYE ZS-18Y6 Hot sale in 2018

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Noiseless evaporative air cooler remote control KEYE ZS-18Y6 Hot sale in 2018

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